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Crowded waiting rooms, long waiting periods – not only for a doctor, but also for surgery – and costs that are only covered to a very small extent by your national health insurance. Unfortunately, this is the standard situation. An increasing number of doctors have decided to open private practices rather than becoming a doctor under contract with the regional health service. And therefore, the situation will not change in the near future.

The solution? Become a private patient with PRIVATpatient. Its the ultimate solution for all those who not only desire short waiting times, but also the best medical care to be provided by a doctor whom you trust.

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Did you know …


Intrauterine device is included!

... that a private health insurance covers the costs for contraception? Do you think this is impossible?

We can tell you - it is possible. We have negotiated an exclusive deal for Austria. Every five years, the costs for an intrauterine device are covered up to a maximum of € 500.

Choose between:
Copper intrauterine device, copper pearls, copper ball, silver-coated UID, gold-coated UID, hormonal UID and hormone implant.

… that on average, every 3rd person living in Austria spends 6.5 days per year in hospital?

How often is hospitalisation required and how likely are they? See the latest figures from the Austrian Ministry of Health and “Statistik Austria”:

Every 3rd person in Austria    (32,2 % of the total population)
Every 4th Woman                     (24,4 % of all women aged 15 - 59 years)
Every 5th Man                           (22,2 % of all men aged 15 - 59 years)
Every 8th Child                         (12,8 % of all children aged 0 - 14 years)

… that the number of private doctors is steadily increasing – while the number of doctors under contract with Austria's national health service is declining?

… that without private health insurance, the waiting period for disc surgery totals 120 days?

This corresponds to a total of 4 months! In order to get a knee total endoprosthesis you could even wait up to an average of 205 days. So, either you hope that surgery is not required, or you take appropriate measures by getting the most suitable insurance product. For further interesting numbers click here.

… how much does your national health insurance reimburse you for private doctor’s fees?

Please see these two examples:


Outpatient surgery
with gynaecologist

Doctor’s fee
130 €

Doctor’s fee
(electrocoagulation & anaesthesia)
630 €

Reimbursement from the Regional Medical Insurance Provider (GKK)
6 €

Reimbursement from the Regional Medical Insurance Provider (GKK)
30 €

Remaining share to be paid by patient
124 €

Remaining share to be paid by patient
600 €

Our services at a glance


Doctor of choice & alternative medicine

(excluding dentist)

Up to 1.150 € / calender year

100 € / year for oral hygiene or
500 € every 5 years for an intrauterine device


Acupressure, acupuncture massage, chiropractic, craniosacral therapy, therapist massage, logopaedics, lymph drainage, osteopathy, podiatry, shiatsu, help provided by midwives.

Up to 350 € / year


Up to 280 € / year


Vaccines, homeopathic drugs

Up to 290 € / year


Glasses, contact lenses, orthopedic insoles, etc.

Up to 165 € / year

First class treatment for hospitalisation

Double room, deductible, Europe-wide guarantee

Deductible of 1.531 € per calendar year
(deductible of € 442 per calendar year for children)

No deducitlbe in the case of pregnancy/delivery & accident + 1st deductible will not apply in case of illness

Single room 12 months premium-free

Minimum contract period3 years


Sonja K., 27 years of age,
insured with WGKK

Thomas N., 34 years of age,
insured with SVA

Lukas K, 3 years of age,
insured with WGKK

Monthly premium

97,68 €


114,75 €


37,96 €


How to claim reimbursement

How to claim reimbursement:

You can send your medical bills digitally or by mail. You can download the forms (PDF) here as well as the corresponding guideline as to how to complete the forms and where to send them to:

Forms for claiming reimbursement:

(only in the case of you sending the documents by mail)

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