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When is the best time to take out a private health insurance?
Now, because when the first signs of pregnancy occur, you'll prefer to be one of those private patients, who can get an appointment immediately with a doctor of your own choice, and who, without any worries, can organise hospitalisation in the hospital of your own choice – therefore can, all in all, plan the delivery according to YOUR own wishes.

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Did you know …

... that only 32 % of all gynaecologists in Vienna are contracted with Austria’s national health care system?

The consequences lead up to long waiting periods for appointments, numerous hours in the waiting room, and a doctor who can only care for you for no longer than five minutes due to economic reasons.

... that the costs for examinations during a nine-month pregnancy may range from € 1,500 to € 5,000?

In a private practice, the costs for pregnancy examinations and prenatal diagnostics are everything but low. Nevertheless, they are important. Actual expenses depend on age, medical condition and the course of your pregnancy. However, considering the crowded waiting rooms at doctors under contract with the regional health care service, its worth investing into your health.

... that average hospitalisation costs in relation to pregnancy amount to approximately € 8,000?

(including pregnancy illness/complications and puerperal complications)
If you compare the monthly premium with the “pregnancy & delivery” package, then this is by far the better choice, as not only does it guarantee security, but also your peace of mind.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Even more security:
    Insurance guarantee for your newborn child!

    When your child is born, you can unconditionally insure your newborn baby within one month of its birth. Even in cases of premature birth and/or if your baby suffers from diseases, which require treatment such as hip dysplasia, phimosis, pigeon toes, immature hips or VSD.
  • Free choice of specialist
    conventional or alternative medicine
  • Quick appointments
  • Free choice of private hospital - Europe-wide
  • Cost coverage guarantee for 100% security
  • Single or double room in a hotel-like atmosphere

Services at a glance


Anna S., 32 years of age, insured with WGKK

First class hospitalisation

Double room with a deductible and Europe-wide guarantee

Deductble of € 883 per calendar year

Deductible of € 1,531 per calendar year

No deductible  in the case of pregnancy/delivery & accident
+ 1st deductible will not apply in case of illness

No deductible in the case of pregnancy/delivery & accident
+ 1st deductible will not apply in the case of illness

Newborn baby insurance guarantee

Newborn baby insurance guarantee

Single room 12 months premium-free

Single room 12 months premium-free

Private doctor & Alternative medicine

inklusive Schwangerschaftsuntersuchungen und Pränataldiagnostik

€ 3,656 maximum annual amount/calendar year including physiotherapy, medication, vaccines, glasses, contact lenses, orthopedic insoles, psychotherapy

1.150 € annual maximum amount

Minimum contract period

3 years

3 years

Premium per month

140,42 €


92,92 €


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