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We are insurance brokers. All insurance brokers are legally bound to give their clients best advice in an honest and correct manner and in the client’s best possible interest. This principle is known as “Best Advice”.

This principle does not apply to sales representatives of insurance companies, insurance agents and employees of credit institutions selling insurance products. What if the product offered by the competitor was much more attractive for the client than the in-house product?

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* Source: ÖAK (Austrian Medical Chamber) 2016

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Mag. Tina DurstDr. Elisabeth GrünbergerClaudia HölzlDr. Andreas NatherDr. Alina Nierlich-Hold
I had no idea that it was possible to get private health insurance without additional costs that covers special class as well as delivery when already pregnant. And then there's more special offers on top of that! I can only grade this service with an A.
Mag. Tina Durst
Thank you very much for providing a good and honest service.
Dr. Elisabeth Grünberger
Advisory service: very good, expertise: very good, value for money: very good. I can definitely recommend the service!
Claudia Hölzl
Being a completely satisfied customer, I also recommend this service to my female patients!
Dr. Andreas Nather
Grade A, there is simply no other comparable service!
Dr. Alina Nierlich-Hold

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